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Kindle – To Buy or not to Buy??


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So i am weird, and i accepted the fact whole heartedly a long time back. There could be numerous examples to showcase by talent in the mentioned area, but one that is relevant is how while other girls supposedly get aroused by the erotic deodorants i meanwhile find the smell of a book to be quite captivating. I often have a book near to my bed, as i find sleeping with one , comforting. These precisely have been the reasons that i avoided shifting to Kindle. How could an electronic device provide me with the enchanting aroma found within the pages of the books, the melody of flipping pages, and the comfort of simply holding them near.


So for the longest time, i kept exploring the kindles on every visit i made to crosswords but remain undecided about owning one, till a colleague who i could easily put in the category of Bibliophile , recommended it. And finally the device found its way into my life. There are some very practical pros that i discovered about having a kindle , like :

1. I no longer had to worry about number of books i could carry when i was travelling. It saved me space and also gave an option to buy a book of my choice even while i am on the go.

2. The limited book storage of my small apartment , was indeed happy i wasn’t now overstuffing it.

3. The kindle versions for a lot of books is way cheaper than the paperback versions.

4. Amazon has a monthly subscription plan which provides an easy access to hoards of titles.

5. I have the paperwhite version which costs around 10.5 k but is quite lightweight and easy to carry. Also the battery goes on for days together.

6. With the inbuilt light , it is supposed to help you read even in darkness, however i haven’t yet tried doing it.

While there are several pros , Kindle for me still could not substitute the joy of holding the paperback and immersing into it. I still continue to order the hard copy versions for majority of the books. But for those who frequently travel , kindle definitely provides an easier option to carry your favorites with you.


Dear Vodka

I remember the first time i met you. It wasn’t planned. Just at a random party , a suggestion from a close friend and we were sitting facing each other. But it did not feel as weird as i thought it would. And you remained a closely guarded secret for a long time to come. I did not quite felt the need and neither had any occasion to meet you again, until after i started to earn my own money and lead an independent life, full of quite a lot of glitz and glamour, so to say. That dance party was where me and my roomie decided we wanted to know in better sense. And we did.


My relationship with you still remain elusive, as we met once in blue moon. Although i still always preferred you over anything else. Celebration of new jobs, Pain of leaving cities, Parting ways with friends to being welcomed into new friend zones , you were a constant.


I remember sitting with the roomie, glued to the television set , you in the hand and a tub of popcorn in middle. People said it was weird. Not to us. I remember the day the girl battalion ganged up in a pub, bustling with noise way above audible levels; it just took few shots of you for us to open up and blurt out. Just 10 min and you had us all screaming on top of our voices, bitching about the boss. I can still feel the bliss it felt.


I matured and the kind of expectations i had from you also did. Serious Heartaches followed;Jobs sucked, People sucked even more and in days when it felt like the night was too long and carrying on was difficult , i turned to you for comfort. You stood by my side, even when no one else did. Alcoholic? Nope, Not a chance. But in a world full of humans, rational enough to leave side on drop of a hat, you sure deserve a mention.




The girl who never drinks

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Quit , Quit , Quitter ….

अपनी उम्मीद की टोकरी  खाली  कर दीजिये ,परेशनियाँ  खुद  नाराज  होकर चली जाएंगी

Don’t Quit

Is this the advise you have got from the time of your inception?  Hoards of quotes and inspirational messages all around  convincing you to keep trying till you succeed, that if you keep at it one fine day you will emerge victorious.

And wired to these affirmations, we find it hard to quit or to admit we possibly aren’t able to keep up with certain things. Imagine the amount of stress and unnecessary strain it puts on  you. After all what is so wrong in quitting. Sometimes it is necessary to stop pushing and take a while to gauge the cons of carrying on.

As a society we have always stressed on the fact that we should not give up. While i by no means want people to get discouraged by failures and keep jumping from one thing to other, i definitely see a lot of people around me ,who are stuck in the relationships, careers, peers, places that they are not happy with.  Wouldn’t it be better if we analyse the situation we are in, give an earnest try for improving it and afterwards decide to move on, if results aren’t making you happy.

Life isn’t  a fairytale, and the ends will only be beautiful if we chose to make them that ways. So a next time you are tired to sticking around, take a pause and think if changing the course can give you better results. Adjust your sails with the direction of wind and enjoy your journey , rather than rowing in opposite  direction and than whining about the winds.

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Let us look within …

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold.” – Bob Marley

Bob marley

This is one of the most transformational phase of my life. I am struggling to keep up at lot of fronts but at the same time, i have come to experience and know things that have changed my outlook towards life. Hard time teaches you a lot , we all know that and probably would have experienced it at different
phases of life. There has to be one such trough in everyone’s life, when we are at our lowest, but that is the time, we become like a sponge; absorbing the most.
While meditation, introspection etc. etc. seem like crazy and boring at other times, , it is in struggling times, that we get routed to inner self. And isn’t it obvious, while all others in your life have an option to leave, you can’t leave yourself. You will be there for your own self, always.

So what happens when you introspect? You get to know a lot, and mind you all the things you find inside aren’t always nice. We are humans and we are flawed. At different stages of life, we have erred and kept these mistakes tucked away somewhere in subconscious. So when we introspect, we come to face the hard realities of our self. They haunt you for a long time, till you make peace with the mix of qualities and flaws that you are. This acceptance liberates you and this is the juncture from where you journey within starts.

I am still on the path of discovery, a very very long way to go before i reach. But there has been incredible differences i have seen in myself. Materialistic things have ceased to matter and expectations are at minimum. Things don’t seem to bother that much and solitude seems like the greatest bliss. This journey however isn’t easy, it needs courage and a lot of patience. But what we seek definitely lies within and that when found, reflects on our outer self.

Give your soul a chance to shine, the world will eventually fall in place

Kohl Eyed Me


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Childhood Memories #Friday Reflections

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Image result for childhood memories


I remember the slow afternoons of the small town

I remember the playful evenings and witnessing the setting sun without the interruptions of Tall concretes

I remember  the moon light, shading the objects in bright white

I remember having the food, all surrounded by family and devoid of the cacophony of television

I remember the change of seasons and how predictable it was

I remember the ladies in vicinity and the discussions over which pickles matured

I remember the anticipation of visiting the “Mela” and the happiness of bringing the shiny bow and arrow home.

I remember the sundays and the television time, that was so precious

I remember the skill , and of having mastered the Marble game

I remember the cuddles and the heroic tales that would put me to sleep

I remember the excitement that Royal Circus brought along,

I remember the visit to the theater to be a celebration

I remember comparing my diwali frock with that of the neighbour girl,

I remember climbing the trees and claiming my shares of amroods and chikoo

I remember , knowing the names of all wild flowers and plants that bloomed in backyards,

I remember the free access to all doors in the vicinity,

I remember reading the Enid blytons and dreaming to find the secret place,

I remember the hurry to be all grown up

I remember being  at peace

I remember being connected

I remember being carefree

I remember being Happy


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Satpura ke ghane jungle


सतपुड़ा के घने जंगल।
नींद मे डूबे हुए से
ऊँघते अनमने जंगल।

झाड ऊँचे और नीचे,
चुप खड़े हैं आँख मीचे,
घास चुप है, कास चुप है
मूक शाल, पलाश चुप है।
बन सके तो धँसो इनमें,
धँस न पाती हवा जिनमें,
सतपुड़ा के घने जंगल
ऊँघते अनमने जंगल।

I remember reading this poem by Bhavani prasad mishr sometime in school and the way my teacher recited it, i created a visual of the place in my head and there was an urge to witness the magic of these sleepy jungles (Read the full poem here https://kaavyaalaya.org/satpura_ke_ghane_jungle)

 Somewhere in between navigating through the days and nights and life in general, i almost forgot about this wish. But on my last birthday, when i was planning to look around fro some places to visit, the thought of visiting Satpura , came gushing back. And i decided Satpura it would be, this time. Plan was simple, from Indore we would head off to Satpura Tiger reserve, stay there for one and a half day, explore the jungles and attempt citing the mighty tiger. From there we were to head off to Panchmarhi, the small and the only hill station in M.P.  We made some bookings for panchmarhi, as being a touristy place it becomes an issue getting a decent place at the nth hour. But for Satpura, we were to go there and find some place to stay.


And we narrowed down on a beautiful place just on the banks of river denwa with the dense satpura forest in the backdrop. It was so close to the reserve that we actually spotted quite a few bisons, grazing around the resort. Best thing however was absolute absence of Mobile networks. No TV, No cellphones and lush green forest in the surroundings, I could for one say,  heaven might could feel like this.

Bunch of us, crossing the denwa to get to sanctuary


The surreal sunrise



Bunch of us crossing the Denwa to get to sanctuary



Some visitors that we had …



The area besides the resort looked like this



I couldn’t take my eyes off the place



Mom and me strolling around the grasslands in the evening.

And by the way, as a birthday gift, the mighty Tiger did chose to appear before me, however refused to pose. Frustrated i decided to let go the dslr and instead enjoy the sight his highness had  so willingly created.

Sans  the technological aids, without the constant buzzing of phones, devoid of the artificial entertainment of television, it was such a delight to be able to live like this. I could truly say it was one of the most beautiful birthdays i have ever had.

Ofcourse the trip was only to get better, with our next stop, Panchmarhi. That story is for another post. To be continued…..




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Teri Meri Baatein..

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Let us have an honest , raw conversation…

Let me know about the things that scare you,

about how your favorite color has changed in recent times,

Which childhood memory makes you smile, or haunts you

Let’s talk about life,

of the love you lost and the pain you felt,

Of the first sunrise you saw or sunset that made you feel low.

Do you also like to eat ??? Is coffee your saviour too ?

I want to know what makes you laugh, or angry or sulk..

Is something bothering you? Talk about it.

What happened when you got drunk for the first time ? Did it feel weird?

What interests you? Makes you smile ?

When was the last time you heartily laughed?

Did you also lose some of your best friends ? What happened ? Do you sometimes feel like picking up and calling them asking , “What Happened?”

Do you remember the first time you saw the shooting star and wished ??? Wasn’t it surreal? Do you remember what you wished for?

What are your dreams made of ? Do you remember them when you get up?

For some time, let us be who we are, and leave aside the pretension. Let us not get diverted by the jobs, holidays, weather type of talks.

Let us bare the soul and have an honest , raw conversation.