Yet another experiment of (with) life

So here i am, finally venturing into “Blog-ism”. After so many friends,friends’ friend and their friends trying a hand at it, i was also finally bitten by the bug. I always thought trying out new things is good, coz that makes you gain experiences and in turn helps you grow a bit wiser (Ahhhhhh!!!!!ToO MuCh A PhIlOsOpHy????), but this idea of blogging never came from that philosophy anyways, it came out from sheer thought of trying to connect with  people other than the usual faces that i see right from the time i forcibly push myself out from the bed till the time i finally manage to snuggle in my blanket.There was also this excitement associated with doing something new and something that whole world was seeming to be goin crazy doin, ofcourse for their own different reasons!!!!!

For people out their reading it, i seriously have no clue what you guys should expect from this blog, coz i have not started it with ny serious plans or thoughts in mind. All i know is that i want to share things with you people that seem to be interesting( at least to me) and invite all of you to do the same. Lets see how much fun is in store for all of us@@@@@@@@@@@@


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  1. Priyanka says:

    Welcome dear to this wonderful ground of playing with your thoughts…gud start!! hoping to see more from u as you explore your "PHILOSOPHER'S SIDE"…


  2. Anusha says:

    Hey sweetheart,looking forward to reading some "be yourself" kinda experiences……u definitely have inspired some of us to write our own blogs…


  3. Richa Singh says:

    Well really a good start anji……nw we just keep a place of excahnge of thoughts which will not only enhance our knowledge but also will provide us a new way or topid to think on……so lets just start the JOURNEY OF PHILOSOPHER'S SIDE>>>>>>>


  4. deepali says:

    hmmm….The thing is that this blog SumTiMeS will reflect the rollers and coasters that we pass on everyday ;)………. So nice beginning…Chak de!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey,A very good start indeed…And obviously you dont need a specific topic to start, it all comes naturally once you start doing sumthin.And life is all about experimenting, so go ahead and explore!!! 🙂


  6. Mervin says:

    As you mentioned, this is a totally different world out here…i think this is the "paragraph" version of the status updates on facebook or twitter..:)Am sure, you have set the ball rolling, for others to follow


  7. chirag says:

    its nice to see u here anjaliatlast i got someone from our school hereiam in blosgvillie from last 2 yearcheck out my blogs.


  8. Swap NIL says:

    Hiii Dear,Thts gr8n news for ppl like me who jst follow (read it as READ other's blogs)others, that we will get some more and interesting stories to read.. Might be so called PHILOSOPHICAL (being a DEADLy word must be in Caps ;)).. or just the nything comes to ur mind.. But jst one humble request, don't ask followers like me to wait for next post..


  9. Anonymous says:

    welocm and do well here …I hv hered frm smbody very close one…dat u r xpert in this…so letsss check….I know u r perfect in all so ….all d best and keep rockingg


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