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Messing with the Mess

The word mess brings in mind just one name these days – “CWG” . I actually got so much bored reading about it that i simply stopped paying any attention to any sentence that had even the dreaded name of CWG in it, enough of embarrasement already, was in no mood of taking on some more.I know its a bit ironic , feeling that ways about CWG, and writing a post on the same. But the mess has gotten so big that i  just couldn’t ignore it.

The filthy village, top players opting out and the shameless politicians still involved in the blame game is all CWG Delhi stands for in today’s situation. But i would like to have a different take on it.I know situation is worst, but than there is something that happened and is actually good. The CWG exposed a very fundamental attribute of Indians, the habit of pushing things under the carpet. And this kind of global mockery will (should) ensure that we finally acknowledge our weaknesses and do not allow any such things to happen in near future (Although i am not very optimistic about India getting any such opportunity again)

They are ofcourse very euphoristic lines to quote that we learn from our mistakes and all, coz in a country like ours where there are loads of people responsible for one single thing, and passing the buck is just so easy, but than as a true indian i am always hopeful about my country and things we can do ( One more Indian attribute, “Koi nahi, is baar galti ho gayi to kya, agli baar acche se karenge).

If i can take the liberty of generalising my thoughts for the common young crowd of India, i would say, its not that important if we can host the next olympics or not, there are lot more other things to be concerned about, like making sure we are getting world class education, all good & right job opportunities and the ambience around us has all amenities required to have a good and comfortable living.Along with  these things if you could do some of activities like hosting game events etc, it would surely be great, but than govt needs to understand priority lies somewhere else.

Ending it on an optimistic note, i hope lot many youth join the politics,understand the psyche of the commonman, do stuff that could bring laurels to the country and make us forget the embarrassement that recent CWG has brought.



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

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