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Worth the wait

Was home on Diwali, after a wait of 5 months. Hmmmmmmmmm , just can’t put in words the kind of feeling i had. The excitement of goin home ,meeting friends, doing masti with cousins, talking with ma & papa, simply amazing. I have never been this far from my home nytime, so the kind of experiences i had on this diwali were definitely special and deserved to be mentioned here.
Its certainly true that u realize the worth of people when u are away from them, so did i. These 5 months apart from other things actually made me realize who all are the special ppl in my life. About family ofcourse u know that u mean a lot to them, but friends, they make you realize this by doin small small stuff  specially for you.
Now i will come straight to the point to testify the above said things. I was goin home after 5 months( i guess i ve mentioned it umpteen number of times, tht shows my desperation to be back home) so decided to give all my friends a call nd see hw many i manage to meet.I was not expecting much coz everyone was busy with their jobs and stuff, and had other plans as well, but to my surprise all (believe it or not) of them whom i called actually made sure that they meet me. Some of them postponed their dates, got tatkal reservations done, some managed to ask their managers  fr leaves nd be their for as less as 2 days, some of them were sick still made a point to meet, all this and more made me feel so lucky to ve them.

But along with it comes the feeling which sometimes makes me worried , these are the people who are ready to go any length for you, it makes you so much responsible towards them, towards the relationship you share with them. You always need to make sure that the way they are always there for you, you also always lend them the hand whenever its needed, the way you don’t ve to think twice before asking them for a favour they should also see you as a source of constant and unending support, the way you can be urself in their presence ,they should also find your company that comfortable.

So much to do it seems , but then actually when you talk about friendship all the things above summarize it. This all happens unknowingly, you just don’t need to put in any extra conscious efforts for it.Having said that, i also believe that true and real friendship is hard to find and a thing to treasure for a lifetime. I am blessed to have friends like this and hope everyone gets as lucky as i am in friendship

Below are some lines i read somewhere, and would like to dedicate to all my dear and lovely friends, just wanted to tell you all, life would have been miserable without you ppl.


Bcoz……. they smile
Bcoz……. they understand just by luking into your eyes
Bcoz……. they finish your sentences before you cud
Bcoz……. they know you better than you know urself
 Bcoz……. u r nt afraid of being urself with them
Bcoz……. whatever u do together becomes a memory
.Bcoz……. they know your deepest secrets
Bcoz……. you dont need to explain nythin, they just know
Bcoz……. they wud do nythn to get you out of trouble
Bcoz……. they make you laugh harder than nyone else
Bcoz……. you can trust them
Bcoz……. they believe in their dreams ,no matter hw silly they may seem

Bcoz……. they luv you for who you really are………….…….



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

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