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It is so common with most of us to make presumptions about things, events and people, based on our experiences, peer talks and info from other mediums. We tend to be judgmental about how a particular person would react in a situation , how  a thing would shape up in near future and lots of similar stuff. Being a recruitment consultant i usually chat around with people all round the day, they are all telephonic conversations that means i don’t get to see the person i am interacting with. But at times i do get to see and meet some of them, and those are the times i ve seen my presumptions turning to be awfully wrong, so sometimes they come as a pleasant surprise and at times total shock.

                                      Today also i met a guy i had been interacting from last one month (will refer to him as ‘X’), X was a Noida based candidate ,so the official meeting could take place only when he came down to Bangalore. From last one month while talking to him , there were these mental pictures i had made of him (Embarrassed to say this, but most of it was bad, and that too big time), but but but, i am glad he proved me wrong in all sense. Me and one of my colleague ,both of us were quite taken aback by the way he presented himself (Please don’t get me wrong, this post is not about my newest crush or something!!!! ). He actually made me wonder about how poor our judgments at times can get.And its not just about people we have not met, even for people we don’t care to know much about, and intentionally create a wall between, and possibly blocking the way to a potentially fruitful relationship.

Its still a long way for me before my premonitions can prove to be right, humans are at the end of the day the most complex of all species, and till that time, i guess i would love to undergo lot more pleasant surprises like today.

  P S : Special thanks to “X ” for being my subject of the blog post and of course for coming across as a pleasant surprise 🙂



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

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