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Just like that-2

Some beautiful words written by someone( I don’t know the author, but whoever it is ,want to acknowledge him/her for the amazing work)
” People are often unreasonable, illogical and self centered ; forgive them anyways,
 If you are kind people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives; be kind anyways,
 If you are successful , you will win some false frndz and some true enemies; succeed anyways,
 If you r honest & frank,ppl may cheat you; be honest anyways,
 Wht u spend yrs building,someone might destroy overnight;build anyways,
 If you find serenity & happiness,they may be jealous; be happy anyways,
 The gud u do today, ppl will often 4get tomorrow; do gud anyways,
 Give the world the best u ‘ve, nd it may never be enough, give the world the best nyways,
You see in final analysis, it is between you and god; it was never between you and them anyways.”

I often read this ,when i am upset on someone or something seems going wrong, and it works wonders for me,Hope it does for you as well!!!!!!! 



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

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