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No one killed JESSICA !!!!!

After a long gap of almost 2-3 weeks , i finally managed to watch a movie today, a movie i had been desperately waiting for- “No one killed Jessica”. The reason being simple that the incident aroused much interest and reactions at that time, and i had almost followed the entire thing being covered in the news channels. So the time i came to know that a movie was being made , i got interested in it. And also the promos along with the fact that it was being directed by Raj Kumar Gupta (“Aamir” fame) strengthened my notion about the movie.

 And not to say the movie did not disappoint me. One major reason was a crisp storyline, backed by power packed performances of Vidya & Rani. I can definitely term it as a comeback for Rani, after a long wait finally we had a good looking Rani, with oodles of acting talent at display, and was well complimented by Vidya, portraying the sometimes helpless, sometimes fearless, “sabrina”.

                             No where the movie loses the grip. Although most of the facts and story is well known by all, still the movie manages to hold your attention and interest till the end.The music score by Amit Trivedi (“Dev D” fame) also blended well with the feel of the movie, “Dilli Dilli” and “Aai re” being the major attractions.
 I will definitely recommend the movie , for all those who are looking for a meaningful and sensible flick. Guys this one is worth a watch for sure!!!!

PS: I also liked it for the typical Hindi gaalis that rani has used in the movie!!!  πŸ˜‰



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One thought on “No one killed JESSICA !!!!!

  1. Hi. Nice review. Now I must go see this movie as I'm hearing a lot about it. Raani mouthing Hindi gaalis! πŸ˜€ And I'm so pleasantly surprised to see my blog listed here. Thank you so much for that. Do drop in sometime at my blog too. πŸ™‚


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