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karnataka bandh= Ricey day

“Ricey” thats a new term coined by my roomie, and that actually means the day when you don’t eat rotis and survive on just rice as your staple grain in the diet. Yes and this so called “Ricey day” came into our life as well.sigh!!!!(with due respect to all those who love rice,but its coz i am from a place where rotis are the only thing you can actually think about when you think of lunch or dinner!!!!). So now the main story,as to Why?? when??? where??how???.

 It all started on the morning of Saturday,as usual me and dips got up lazily around 10 in the morning, and planned out our breakfast and that was a full fledged british thingy (scrambled eggs,toast, juice,bowl of fresh friuts!! Yum!!!) at “Bites and eats”. Happily we started from the PG towards the place, noticing that the ATMs ,shops were closed ,roads looked deserted ,still engrossed in our talks reached the place only to be informed that it was a “Karnataka bandh” that day. 😦

 Dissapointed we came back and had to settle for the rice made in our PG mess. Again in the evening , we were searching for some places to go out for dinner, and ended up at “Nagarjuna”, an eatery famous for its Andhra food, so as quite expected it was  a rice dominated meal, but,but but,must say, it was delicious. The garama-garam rice , oodles of ghee on top, the dal palak, raita,papad and the fantabulous chutney to go with that, provided a sumptuous and satisfying meal (It deserves a special mention as a different post,solely dedicated to andhra meal).
 Both of us were surprised seeing our own capacity to eat rice, and were happy that we are slowly but steadily getting acquainted with the customs and habits of place where we are living.

So ultimately the day ended with full on dependence on rice, and a hope that probably i would have gained  atleast some weight in the process.



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

One thought on “karnataka bandh= Ricey day

  1. i also love rice,but you rightly said that we are from the place..where 1 roti is enough,without roti seems someting missing from the food.but i think there most of the people like rice and that's why they also cooked niceafter reading the post my mouth is filled with water and i will eat pulav soonand i think you will remember the fried rice of our davv canteen.


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