On my blog after a hiatus of 2 months….., feels like coming back home!!! So for all those who thought my blogging fever is over, guys not that easily. Infact i now have so much material accumulated , i can go on writing over next 6 months on the topics.
Starting of it has to be with a reason of me being off the blog for such long time.Ok so these last 2 months my life has taken me for a ride, lots of unseen twists and turns, unexpected events and sudden happenings.I changed my job, came into a govt PSU,left bangalore, ws raoming around in different city like a refugee as a part of my training, now came to ahmedabad…. and in between obviously several other things happened, now i guess u people will get a fare idea of my absenteeism.
I sometime feel that god keeps a close watch of my life, and as soon as he gets a feeling that my life is becoming predictable and mundane , he like ekta kapoor, introduces new angels in the story to make it interesting. And not to mention i enjoy it like anything, its adventurous , fun ,and amazingly beautiful.They correctly say, ” when god does not grant your wish, probably he has something better in store for u”. So with this nice thought i would better end this post, but yes as i said, enough stories and experiences in the pipeline to be shared, till then happy reading and keep visiting this space for more……

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  1. Red Handed says:

    soooooo much changes happening in and around you..basically ur life is having a roller coaster ride.Enjoy it while you can 🙂


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