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Rockstar – My take…..



Socha na tha, Jab we met, Love aa j kal, these are the movies that i can see umpteen number of times, or probably would have seen that many times, for thier brilliant storylines, awesome dialogues, superb performances and soulful music. And for all this i get really biased and give credit to one single person and that is ÏMTIAZ ALI”. Ï love the way he brings intricacies in simple stories yet keeping the audience hooked on to them. I think  he is a thinker, an intelligent filmmaker. So given the above facts i was obviously excited about ROCKSTAR, infact i was upset that i cud not see the movie in the first week of its release. But sigh !!!! movie was a dissapointment.

The first half of the movie has lousy performance by both the lead actors. Ranbir is this trying -hard- to -be -normal -delhi-guy while nargis is this trying -hard-to -be- dil se desi- upar se- Videsi -gal. The story also does not have much to offer here, apart from few giggles, i was practically silent throughout.


Second half has some improved performances from ranbir as well as nargis, but story gets predictable as the movie goes further.The cool, “just having fun” pair falls in love and hence Unsuccessful love – rebellion attitude- better music playing abilities….Ranvir has tried really hard to potray that, and that’s precisely is the problem, it shows that he is trying.The second part also has some logicless moments that can be ignored. But i am thankful to Imtiaz for not showing the dying heroine getting healed by the magic touch of the hero, although honestly i had started fearing that end somewhere in the later part (Mommy telling daddy about the improved blood count of the gal, all coz she is meeting or i shud say mating, lolzzz, the guy).

Music of the movie is its soul. Its although not hard core rock, but here is where Rehman scores, he has indianized the rock concept, so that ignorant and stupid ppl like me, who cant distinguish between a shrill and a linkin park song can also enjoy it.

All in all i can say though the movie has definitely some thought behind it, but still woh “The Imtiaz Ali”wali baat nhi he… Nargis fakhri, radiant skin, nice figure, gr8 looks, but still fails to impress. Ranbir, although is not bad, but still has a long way to go as far as acting is concerned.

So watch it if you can’t miss an imtiaz ali or a ranbir kapoor movie, and of course for the music…


PS: I loved the scarfs nargis is sporting, got to have some in collection, wanna go shopping now !!!

PPS: a weird seq in the movie , ranbir and nargis imitating shammi & sharmila from “Kashmir ki kali'”, cudnt understand why it ws der.. can nyone help???

PPPS:I am searching for the dialoguethat is right in the beginning of the movie ,goes  something like this “sahi or galat ke aage……”, if anyone knows plz lemme know.




Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

8 thoughts on “Rockstar – My take…..

  1. Nicely Penned !!!! One thing…The ranbir and nargis are not imitating shammi & sharmila from “Kashmir ki kali’”, It was just a tribute to Shammi kapoor I guess. 🙂


  2. nice review or i should say an honest review.
    and that dialogue goes like this


  3. everything mentioned in this review is really truth except that :-
    “Ranbir, although is not bad, but still has a long way to go as far as acting is concerned”
    yar itni sahi acting ki hai bande nai in my openion..!


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