Tea for two (and a piece of cake) Tuesdays!

I am inspired…. by all u lovely ppl out der , who take out time from their busy schedules, manage their mood swings, and manage to indulge in blogging.So this time it was anu who inspired me, when she told me about this innovative thing started by Preeti shenoy. Anu was prompt enough to complete it within days of knowing about it,and even urging me to do it, while me taking it up after weeks altogether. But well as they say, “Better late than never”. So the latest prompt from preeti  There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.  ~Bernard-Paul Heroux”.

There couldnt have been a better time than today to write on the above. Coz even before i knew about the prompt, i was actually sitting with a cup of tea, to kind of get away from the everyday problems, tensions,stressful thoughts…..Sometimes its work, sometimes family, sometimes just nothing or sometimes everything that worries you. And the best getaway for me is undoubtedly a piping hot cup of tea, made exactly according to my liking.

I am an ardent tea lover, i cherish my daily cups of tea, and when its a weekend like today, when i make it myself , the feeling of satisfaction is just unmatched. I like my tea to be strong, brewed for a little longer time span , exactly one teaspoonful of sugar, and ofcourse with the Masala.

And that so much defines what happens in our life, more life brews you , giving you problems, troubles at different point of life, stronger you character gets. You get a sense of what a person you are. Life also has to be just perfectly sweet neither less nor more, if its sweeter than required you lose the importance of happiness, if less than required you tend to lose the spirit of it. And ofcourse what is life without the additives we have, i.e the chatpate relationships that make our life so much more interesting and increases the taste of it.


The way you need to savour every sip of your tea to get the ultimate high, so do u need to do with your life, just stop for some time, realise the fun and essence hidden in each moment and njoy it to the fullest.

Happy sipping and happy living…. 🙂 🙂


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Anusha says:

    You wrote,you wrote and I like,I like !!! A nice cup of tea does all that you said above to us “tea freaks”

    Time for me to take this prompt again 🙂


    1. angie2787 says:

      @Anu: yeah, meda me remember our eagerness for james to arrive 😉 ….


  2. nice to read a blogpost from you after a long time and hope to read you now more frequently
    iam also a tea lover with less sugar.


    1. angie2787 says:

      Hey Chirag: Thnks…. and gud to knw i ve tea freaks as my frnds….will catch up next time over a cup of tea thn !!!


  3. “The way you need to savour every sip of your tea to get the ultimate high, so do u need to do with your life, just stop for some time, realise the fun and essence hidden in each moment and njoy it to the fullest.” – Very well said.


  4. angie2787 says:

    Hey Privy : Thnks for dropping in…..hope to see u around more often !!!


  5. Rachit says:

    Very well written and expressed! 🙂


    1. angie2787 says:

      Thnks Rachit, thts encouraging !!!!!


  6. Disha says:

    Nice one!!!!!! 🙂


    Check out this post..Have got something for you!! 😀 😀


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