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Something that was between us…..

I didn’t realized that it was over. I just thought that our fights were the usual couple fights happening between any two people in love. I guess i was wrong, and this time also, he was the first one to know. The way he made me realize that we were in love, with similar ease he made me know that we had fallen out of it. I couldn’t help but admit , Yes it was over !!!!

All i did was to wonder , when did it all happened. Probably the duration of calls getting shortened, the urge to meet getting subsided, the reduced eagerness to be a part of each others life, indicated to something, i was just not ready to acknowledge. The reason…. because i always thought , one never falls out of love, how can one stop loving someone?? Can i stop wondering if he had his breakfast, if things are fine between him & his boss, if he has patched up with his roommate, if he is carrying enough water while travelling, if he has made it on time to the meeting, ………… would i ever be able to stop thinking about him?

Two years of not a relationship, they were two years of life for me.. i felt wanted, cared, looked after, loved !!! He was just so much of me….. And now that he is gone, i feel like if someone has torn apart a piece of my body, the part that had feelings, emotions, that knew how to love. Rest of me is so senseless, so still, so thoughtless.

The advises of being independent, free,seem so stupid, because he was the reason, i was me, he made me realize who i actually was, he made me introduce myself to the real me. And as soon as i met myself, the first thing i realized was i wanted him, i wanted him desperately.

I would never ask him to come back,, because he believed in destiny, and i believed in him………



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

12 thoughts on “Something that was between us…..

  1. I loved these lines;

    “I would never ask him to come back,, because he believed in destiny, and i believed in him………”

    Simply beautiful and heart touching


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