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After  my previous posts about ROCKSTAR, it had been really long, that i felt like writing down a movie review. But just as i was discussing this flick, or we can say blabbering about the movie to a friend, he reminded me about the rockstar post, and it brought back the memories of friends having a hard time gulping the fact that i could write bad about a movie like ROCKSTAR.Attribute it to my poor knowledge of acting, movies or music, but the fact remains i have a right to write-ARE BHAI ! AZAAD BHARAT KE NAGRIK HE !!! 😉

So well… a disclaimer as always -“All those fanatic fans of  our very own,the PARINEETI CHOPRA, please avoid reading this, it’s strictly not meant for you”.

The movie is set in a backdrop of politics in a small town of UP, guns are used like toys, everyone , from boys to gals , using “gaalis” as if competing with our Rodies ka raghu. Among all this we have our fierce and jaanbaaz lead pair i.e zoya & parma. Belonging to two opposing political families, they are hard core dushmans, not leaving any stone unturned in insulting each other. Loads of raw love ,some twists, chasings, bullets, action and the story is over….

I always have issues with movie where i can guess what lies ahead, and that’s what happened to me with this one as well. The story for me was a UPite version of QSQT, nothing very novel about the story, neither the treatment.

About the lead pair, i can say, they did a fairly good job, specially Arjun, he was quite convincing as  a small town, rustic guy (Since my expectations from him were really not that high). Parineeti except for few scenes , where she has overacted, is also good. But i know guys would not be interested in her acting per se, so yes she is looking really good, plus has given a steamy on screen love making scene also (I guess good enough reason for many , to go and watch the movie).Some chasing sequences where the streets are shown completely empty, come across as some major bloopers.

Some good things as well in the movie- A nicely shot and wonderfully composed song “Pareshan”, a surprise package in form of Gauhar (Yes she does know acting), and the chemistry between the lead pair.

I had huge expectations from the movie- for some unknown reasons , but but but a big disappointed.



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