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ENGLISH VINGLISH – A feel good movie !!!!





And Sridevi makes a comeback after a hiatus of 26 long years, but for me.. she actually has debuted with English Vinglish.  I was not born in the Sridevi era, the himmatwallas, sadmas or Mr Indias were not among the movies i ever saw in the theaters. Although some of them i remember watching on the television , but could never really understand “the sri magic”.But with this particular flick.. i started admiring two ladies ; Sridevi for the absolutely delightful performance and of course Gauri Shinde for a wonderful direction to the story.

The story appears to be simple and straight on the onset, but carries  much deeper insights into human emotions. A fab job by the casting director, every actor simply falls into the right place and has played their role with complete integrity, leaving the audiences convinced. Let it be the kiddo Shivansh kotia or sulabha deshpande or Adil hussain , everyone has been a treat to watch.

Sridevi in a role of an immaculate homemaker , struggling for respect from the family who tend to take her dedication and sincerity towards them for granted, leaves you spell bounded with the intricacies of emotions that she has portrayed on screen.She hasn’t spoken much , mind you-  from her mouth, its her eyes that did most of the talking.

Coming to the music, i have my favourites –

1. Dhaak dhuk- leaves a lump in your throat. I remembered the first time i went alone  to bangalore a journey of approx 2000 kms, leaving parents , friends everyone behind..gosh i literally had goosebumps listening to the track.

2. Navrai Majhi- This one is a fav for obvious reasons. Its a marathi fusion song , delightful wordings and music is damn catchy.

Rest of the songs are also lovely and blend really well with the story , never you would feel that the song has been added just for the sake of it. And i am telling you , Amit Trivedi & swanand kirkire is one combi to watch out for. Swanand creates pure magic with the truly awesome lyrics he pens down,( and btw his indori connnection makes him even more special for me ) amit has the ability to churn the kind of music you would like to listen over and over again.

The best part about the movie for me was that a director like Gauri exists, that girl in superbly talented and has done wonders with this particular story. The way she has made few scenes like the one:

1.Where Sridevi is trying to order a coffee and a sandwich in a rest in US and goofs up,

2.When she communicates with a french classmate in hindi and the guy responds in french , both of them not knowing what the other person is saying, but still a meaningful conversation takes place.


3.A small little speech she gives at the end for  her niece and her husband.

4. The opening introduction scene for sridevi.

…. and many more

Bow to the lady… splendid job indeed !!!! Waiting desperately for her next .

So guys whosover has missed on this one.. run to the theaters and WATCH !!!



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