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It’s all so yesterday … !!!!


I was reading a post by Anu some time back, she had mentioned how she was missing the presence of best friends around her. And while talking to her 2 days back,i also kind of felt the same. We discussed about what all stuff we were not doing now a days , and how it used to be so much routine earlier.The more i thought, the list of things i missed grew all the more longer:

1. Back from the college, you have just entered your hostel room, and someone banging the door , thrashing in , and asking , “Oye !! Chai ???? ” , you are probably programmed till now to get up, and head straight to the nearest chai ki gumti, without any further questions & answers.

2. Reading a new book (which was never ever BOUGHT, used to be always on RENT) and then discussing or i should say dissecting it in length , with a friend who was as much in love with reading as you were.

3. Every weekend has to be a shopping spree, and everyone has to accompany, irrespective of the fact who is actually wanting to shop. It was always a team effort !!

4. Someone has a crush, or someone is hitting on you, or someone else (who might be a friend’s friend) is trying for someone else.. you MUST discuss this after dinner. You simply can’t go to sleep without gossiping .

5. Every night sending texts to the group, ensuring everyone is coming to college tomorrow.

6. Every new dress,new footwear, new hand bag, even a new set a earrings , would be noticed. They would ask you the price, durability, availability etc etc.. in short, make you feel as if you have bought a Gucci, even though the thing would have been picked during some street shopping spree.

7.A hot summer afternoon, returning after attending a boring physics lab, and the conversation :

F1 : Ab Kaha? Ghar?
Me: Ha yaar..
F2: Abhi pahle ghar chalo , fir chale jana . (The first ghar refers her place and second mine .. yeah i know, we had confusing conversations)
F1: Ha yaar, hungry . kuch kha lete he !
Me : Yaar, mene file nhi complete ki he. I would better head home.
F2: Chal ab bakwaas mat kare.. tujhe kya university top karni he. Ghar chal.
Me: Okkk .. chal. You better cook something good to eat, i am leaving my university rank for it 😉 !!

8.The B’day bashes..lot less expensive than what they are today, but definitely carried so much warmth and happiness. no Bday would be complete without, chocolates, flowers, soft toys and of course your bday cake.

9. The days of very less connectivity.. Facebook , Whtsapp, etc weren’t either around or were not that popular, but still they knew what is going in your life .. at times more than you yourself knew.

10.Its 8 in the eve and you are still not in the hostel.Its 8:15 and a text in your INBOX , ” Kaha he ?? ”

11. They are the ones who know you can’t argue , you can’t shout at people, so they would do that for you. Even if that means fighting with someone , because he/she spoke ill of you, and all that , when you were probably 500 KMs away from the place.

12. The last bite in the plate would be left for you to eat , always , like a ritual, because everyone knows , you believe that whosoever eats the last bite , finds a good life partner. No matter how illogical, cheesy, or stupid that sounds.

I could seriously go on hours altogether , if i decide to write all that i miss. We all move on in life.. careers, marriages, family , but there are days , when you feel like being with those friends all over again. I know most of them even today are just a call away, but still sometime its their physical presence that you crave for.. you want them with you- to gossip with you, to go shopping , to criticize your choices, to give treat for stupid and silly reasons, to plan for movie outings, to laugh out loudly,or to cry our heart out.

With each word that i have written above,each of my friend crossed my mind at least once, and made me smile thinking of the amazing time we have spent and the beautiful memories we have made.



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

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