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To all working mums…..



As a kid i was always envious of the other kids who had their mom waiting for them when they got back from school, whose mom would pack them variety of stuff in lunch and would be present at all big small events in school. It was so because i had a working mom, so our mom was never there to greet us when we came back from school, morning were always rush hours as she also had to get ready and leave along with us. I remember the days, being upset about never having enough of her, or always feeling our mom was not that attentive the way other moms were.

Today my mom is still working and so am i; and today, i understand lot of things that probably i was oblivious of:

1. Can you shop alone ???

I can… you must be thinking what it has to do with the fact that my mom was working. Not directly if you see,but if i analyse it further i realise, that she could do that, always with ease.She never asked anyone to accompany her for shoppping, for clothes, jewellery, furniture ;whatever, because she never looked for any consensus for her decisions, her decisions were her own,and she was alone capable of taking it. SHE TAUGHT ME TO HAVE AN INDEPENDENT THINKING.

2. Are you capable of taking care of your finances???

I am… My mum not handled her own money, but she was the finance minister for my father as well. I have always seen my father entrusting her with his entire salary, and she was the one to manage. The habit of saving, is something i inherited from her, saving for a rainy day, or for fulfilling some of your sinful wishes(Jewellery is the one answer for all ladies), or for ensuring that you always have long term saving plans in place, she showed us how to do it. SHE MADE ME FINANCIALLY SAVVY

3. How does people around you know you???

Although my dad always has been a social person(over social actually),but i had always seen people knowing my mom because of her work,she always took pride in being my father’s wife, at the same time, she had a social identity of her own, which was independent of my father.SHE MADE ME INDIVIDUALISTIC.

4. Can you multi task????

Even though she was working, i had always seen her insisting we eat everything that was homemade. That meant her taking out time from her busy schedule to ensure we had our breakfast ,getting up early to pack our lunch boxes, spending her sundays preparing different delicacies that she couldn’t manage to cook during the weekdays and all this while she juggled with her social commitments, work commitments and of course her religious activities. So we had our own superwoman to get inspired from,who did things that if i now think are seemingly impossible to manage. SHE TAUGHT ME TIME MANAGEMENT.

I don’t remember going to her and ever telling her that i had days in my childhood when i felt bad that she was working,but i guess even without me or any of my sibling telling her, she always felt guilty , about being torn between her work and her family.But i guess now when she sees me or my sister, travelling alone across the country, having mind of our own, having the courage to speak up , fiercely independent; she knows, its is her we owe it to.

This post is not about judging any mother, because no one can do that,all mothers at the end ;working or not go to all lengths to ensure that her children get the best of the world. But yes, if there is any working mother out there, feeling guilty about the lack of time she is able to devote to her kids, or for missing their PTAs or their special moments,i just want to tell her; one day your kid would also grow up to know and understand that you did an amazing job of raising him/her.





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