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Released in 2003, this can very well be described as one of the best performances of Sushmita. Loosely based on Hollywood movie Seven,it was a suspense thriller starring Sushant, Jackie Shroff apart from Sushmita Sen. Directed by Robby grewal, the movie boasts of a national award for best editing. Crisp storyline , superb performances and a suspense that keeps you guessing till the end , makes samay a must watch for me


Before the much popular JAB WE MET,LOVE AJKAL happened, Imtiyaz ali debuted as a director with Socha Na Tha. This movie also marks the debut of Abhay Deol,and was written by Imtiyaz Ali himself. A light romantic comedy,it was a refreshing switch from the usual run of the mill stories, and makes you forget your worries for a while. And one of the main highlights of the movie for me personally was the soulful music by Sandesh Shadilya, one of the most underrated music directors.


The comeback movie of Rishi Kapoor and Nitu Singh as a couple , it showcases the dilemma, mentality, issues of  a typical lower middle class indian family. The story is simplistic , and revolves around everyday issues that the family has to deal with. Rishi & neetu’s chemistry as usual is amazing and is a treat to watch both of them together. Any average indian can connect to the different situations that arise in the movie, like the tussle between monetary gains and your values, or societal pressures, inflations, demands from the family et. This was also the first hindi movie to have distributed by Disney World Cinema.



An effort by Debutant Director Dibakar Banerjee, writer Jaydeep Sahni and veteran actors like Anupam Kher , Navneet Nischal and Boman Irani; this  movie definitely deserved much more acclaim than what it actually managed. A comedy drama , and again an original plot , the movie is an entertainer start to end. The movie reminds you of the simplicity and innocence that was present in movies of yesterday. Also some surprise performers like Pravin Dabaas and tara sharma.


A movie that should be appreciated for its unique narration style , this one is a crime comedy thriller; a not so explored genre for hindi movies. Good performances from Abhay Deol and Neha dhupia it was well received by the critic community and was also a sleeper hit. It deserves a watch also for the fact that the story was original; a fact that is hard to be heard for majority of movies that are made in our cinema fraternity. The plot is complex yet intriguing and you donot loose the connect till the end.

Released in 2001,the movie was ahead of its time, and dealt with subject of surrogacy . One of my all time favourite actor Tabu plays the protagonist and the movie was a directorial debut of Gulzar’s daughter  Meghna. Sensible , feel good movie with a certain lyrical charm to it. Sushmita gave a tough competition to Tabu, with interesting caste in form of Palash Sen and Sanjay Suri.


Critically acclaimed , inspired by philadelphia , this was a directorial debut of the south indian actress Revathi, and touched the topic  of  social outcast because of AIDS. Shilpa in one of her career best performance, portrays the role of an AIDS patient with subdued sensibilities and ease. The movie deserves a watch because of the sensitive handling of a delicate subject.


The above movies reflect a personal choice of all those movies that i feel deserve a one time watch. There might be many others but here i have focussed on movies from early 2000s and those which are much talked about. Just check for how many of them have you watched …



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