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3 years of courtship and almost 5 years of being married.. was definitely no less a time for a relationship to blossom.That’s what everyone said, but still here she was – lost, wondering, pondering , thinking of what went wrong. Ipsita & Arun were what everyone thought to be a perfect couple- looks , education, career, they complimented each other in every which way possible, or that was what others thought.But today , both of them, were probably in a questioning mode, questioning the very basics of their relationship- Trust, love, respect.

It was a random birthday party of some random friend that they got introduced to  each other, sid was the one responsible. Sid and Arun were colleagues , while ipsita was the childhood friend of sid’s friend Vinayaa. Arun & Ipsita seemed to hit it off instantly, she was liking his witty intelligence , while he was finding her uniquely interesting. The party ended;but the conversations had just started, sms, emails, phonecalls, gtalk, various mediums and never ending talks. So here they were; inseparable, sharing every detail of the day that passed, concerns, issues, people, work, everything  under the sun, any event had to be told the very first moment that you got; parties, functions saw a joint attendance. Though it was a known fact ,to them as well the gang of friends that it had moved beyond the line of  “just friends”, they still continued with the tag for a while, probably expecting the other person to take the lead.

It was a  new year’s eve, and as always sid had planned a party at his place , a gathering of approximately 25 people. The party was in full mood, random strings of guitar, soulful crooning , burnt garlic and freshly brewed coffee filled in the space.Suddenly Ipsita noticed that arun was in conversation with a girl;she couldn’t recognize her, but they seemed to know each other well. She felt a surge of a feeling she couldn’t define , but was certainly very uncomfortable with. Was she jealous ??? Was she upset?Was she angry? Was she all of this? The party suddenly seemed boring and uninteresting,and  she wanted to leave. Arun came up to her in some time, only to find a grumbling Ipsita. He couldn’t figure out, and was certainly concerned, but all he got to hear again & again was that she wanted to leave. So they left, Ipsita still couldn’t get a hang of her feelings,and decided to keep mum for rest of their journey till her place.

Driving back from her place, the events kept playing in hismind, and finally he could put pieces of the puzzle together , and started smiling. Ipsita made herself a cup of coffee, got a book and tried to read, only to find her mind wondering again and again to the chatter and laughter that Arun and that girl shared. She shut the book , drank her coffee at one go, and then smiled, she probably knew what is was, and why it was.


To be continued……

PS: This story is in my drafts since almost 4 months now, decided to finally publish the first part today…



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

3 thoughts on “IS JUST LOVE ENOUGH ? (PART I)

  1. First part is well managed, I cant predict the u turn in next part..good work is done
    better yet to come.lov to see d next part.


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