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Is Just Love Enough…???? PART II

Ipsita was waiting to make up for yesterday and decided to meet arun after office. She send a text ,asking arun to meet at a restaurant, they were regular at. They met and after some awkward initial talks ,  arun shifted the discussion to the day of the party, and in a quite straight forward manner told Ipsita that he could understand why she reacted, he also went on to explain how the girl he was talking to, was an old acquaintance. Ipsita smiled and just nodded in agreement, arun also smiled and just told her ,” I liked the way you reacted”, both started laughing , that was as both knew, the day they were a couple;No words said, no proposals, no confessions, but yet a beautiful relationship was born that day.

The time went by, they argued, but then understood, they fought but made up at the end of each day, they in between of all this was LOVE. The chemistry between them was so obvious , if there was something called as SOUL-MATES, probably they personified it. In the mean time, there was some family time as well, while ipsita was adored at arun’s family, arun’s visit were equally looked forward to at Ipsita’s place. The next step forward was probably obvious,they wanted to get married, and so the family was informed of the decision. Some initial hiccups , but consents were given and the wedding date was finalized. Ipsita was on seventh heaven, after all how many people get love in return from the same person they love, even out of those lucky ones who get, how many actually are able to take their relationship to consummation.

She was busy shopping and making wedding plans, while arun was busy  planning their future together. And soon, the day came and Arun & Ipsita were now officially a couple ;Husband & wife.

The days to come were no less than dreams, but the time as they say never remains same, it changes; and it did change. The monotony of life seemed to be seeping in their relationship as well. The love talks gave way to the everyday issues, the special moments were less and rare, social obligations started making it difficult to have a heart to heart conversation.

In the middle of all this Ipsita , got desperate to have a child, Arun did not feel the need to oppose her, although he knew he wasn’t very fond of kids. 6 months, and there was no good news in sight, innumerable tests, n number of doctors , but all they did was to disappoint and upset Ipsita further.

To be continued……



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

5 thoughts on “Is Just Love Enough…???? PART II

  1. Hey Shruti….. Thanks for visiting the blog. And yes i had all the intentions in the world to finish it in 2 parts, but somehow story unfolded itself. But i would definitely take it as a compliment that you are feeling attached to it:) Keep Reading


  2. Last three lines of second paragraph ..”after all how many people gets love in return……….lucky ones how gets” is just truly amazing. ..really your work should be appreciated. Good luck. …


  3. Last three line of the second paragraphs “after all how many people. ……consumation” these
    lines is so amazing that I read it many times. ………..really you are doing top level work,
    Very soon your’s work will be acknowledged.good luck mam…


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