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Is just love enough… ???? (Part III)

Arun found it more convenient to reduce the conversations , rather than putting up with her incessant and random mood swings; and workplace was the obvious remedy. Arun volunteered for a new project proposed in Chandigarh , and to and fro to the city became quite frequent. Ipsita wasn’t used to his absence, initially did react to it,but was too lost in her self made guilt pangs of not being a so called complete woman,and decided to ignore. Arun for all practical purposes shifted to Chandigarh, and with the young and dynamic graduate engineers at the project site, he did succeed in keeping the troubled relationship away from his thoughts for some time.

Amidst the plywood sheets,the spider net of  wires, pool of iron nails, arun was sitting on a chair sipping coffee, when suddenly Mauli interupted him. Mauli was from the same college as arun , 3 years junior to him,but like all others in college , was a big fan of  Arun who was known for his intelligence and charming ways.Both of them hit off instantly, and soon arun started finding comfort in her company. After work hours were mostly spent together and more so as both of them were alone and new in the city. Mauli although was aware of his marital status , but with that was aware of the issues brewing in their relationship,but whether it was sympathy that drew her closer to arun or something else was difficult to comprehend.

Ipsita was drowning in depression and was desperate to find someone to hold on to , who else she could think of , but her best friend , her life partner, her soul mate;but he was nowhere in sight. Ipsita tried conveying him that they needed to be together at this juncture of their relationship , or it will soon die its own death. The self conceived notion of unfulfilled desires in a relationship took over the guilt feeling of adultery, and arun was therefore unaffected or probably pretending to be unaffected.

The sixth sense as they say is what makes a women different from men ,it made ipsita think if it was really just the distance between them , or some person who had seeped in. She decided to unveil the truth, and called up arun to ask if he can come over the weekend ; as expected arun told he would be busy with the project work and is to visit the site. Ipsita arranged to drive down to chandigarh on saturday morning,the plan was unknown to arun. Around  3:30 PM  she reached the rented apartment where arun was staying.

She had to gather courage , to press the bell, and she did. The door opened, and entered into the moment which was the last moment of trust , respect, faith in their relationship.

To be continued…….



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