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Pearls of Wisdom …..

27 years of my existence on the planet earth have taught me a few things , not that what I am writing is something that has not been told earlier, infact most of these would be quite heard of, but I am still writing 🙂 , after all it will help me go back to them for reference.

Disclaimer: These views are purely personal and not intended to hurt anyone just in case there are any contradictory view.   1. People will be mean , selfish.. Accept it 

If there are 198 good people in the world there will be those two people also ,who will break your trust, will give you pain, will not value you, will do things to hurt you, but before you can do anything about them, understand that you cannot change them. The sweetest revenge you can take is to be unaffected by them. Do not waste you time and energy on them, they simply don’t deserve.

2. The only thing you can do about your mistakes is to learn from them

There are bound to be events, decisions, incidences that you will regret. You will fret over them , cursing over yourself for having been there ,done that, you can do all of that for sure, but you cannot reverse it. Remember one thing, you mind is precious , don’t let it get crowded by negative events, learn from them and move on.

3. Hard work never disappoints

There are some old school rules, and one of them is “Hard work pays”, and it always remain true. If you are sincere and dedicated,  you will never feel the need to blow your trumpet. People will recognize and appreciation will come your way. But yes this at times will call for a lot of patience, be ready for it.

4. Family is where you have to come back

There are certain phases in life when we think that our views don’t match with theirs , their advices seem unnecessary, but sooner or later we understand that no one in this world can love you the way your parents do, that whatever they say or do, your well being is at the core of it, and no matter how much big mess you get yourself into, the only people you can actually count on is your FAMILY.

5. It is just a phase

Good or bad , these days will change. Be humble if its good, be optimistic if it’s bad. Nothing is permanent.

6. There is something called as destiny

Certain things are bound to happen and they will. Sometimes you just have to accept the situation and sometimes hopeful of the future, because there is surely a lot of your life that has been pre written.

7. People  are not born to fulfill your expectations

If you are born as a human being, you will invariably have expectations , but most of the people would not bother about it, and you cannot even blame them for it. No one gives you a written statement of what and how many of your expectations they will fulfill. Accept this fact.

8. Lot of people are out there praying for the kind of life you are living

Be grateful for all you have and be thankful for it. People world  over die of hunger, diseases, sleep on pavements, never go to schools, and lead  life that most of us can’t even imagine of. Count your blessings, this will help you be grounded and contented.

9. There has to be something over and above your job, money, car etc etc..

Enjoy the simple things in life; a walk in rain, one steaming cup of tea at the road side shop, a bunch of colorful balloons , a random bus ride, and the list goes on.

Try and give back to the society, in whichever way you can, the pleasure and satisfaction you derive out of these deeds in immeasurable and unparalleled.

10. Believe in god

God does exists.. talk to him/her as often as you can. If you feel like ranting it out, if you feel like thanking , if you feel depressed, if you are joyous , in all of the evens of your life, feel his presence around you always.



Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

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