1. I have been travelling like crazy for past 2 months, although travel usually also makes a major part of the profile; but last 2 months have been exceptionally hectic. That is making me cringe, irritated, tired, lethargic. All at once. šŸ˜¦

download (2)

2. Some movement from current city is soon expected, that brings a lot of
uncertainty, more so because the new place is still unknown.

3. A travel plan with the bff ,to the north east is underway.. hopefully we will able to do something concrete in coming months. I am actually looking for some women only travel groups. Googling and some more googling.

4. Have been missing out on reading a big time, worst part is , the reason isn’t lack of time. I am probably just not in the correct mindset, or i am picking the wrong books; yet to find out.

5. I am also thinking of buying an SLR, in hope of cultivating a new hobby. A wannabe photographer in the making šŸ˜‰


download (1).jpg

6. Recently travelled to Orchha; a part of homestate, yet unexplored earlier. Beautiful, Rustic, and Earthy.. a place like that after a long long time.


7. I am feeling like watching Pursuit of Happyness once more ..like the nth time that i would probably be watching it. It still remains a favourite.




8.This post has absolutely no meaning as such, and is just a description of clutter going on in my life.

9. Hope to come back to blog with some better writing work next time


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