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SAIRAT-A Movie Review

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Its a movie review ,after years i guess.. But this one deserves a post for sure !!!

PS: For those who are yet to watch , there are movie details ahead, it may be a spoiler for you !!

There are certain things you come across once in a while that intentionally or unintentionally hit you hard; SAIRAT was one such thing for me. Completely aware that it didn’t ring the bells for many others who saw, but  it did for me and for really strange reasons i suppose.

Sairat is a love story (Marathi)directed by the FANDRY fame Nagraj Manjule and features new comers Rinku Rajguru and Aakash Thosar ( The girl reportedly is only 15 and is appearing for her 10th standard exams .. …) . The earlier movie of the same director was a widely acclaimed one , however i had given it a miss. I would probably skip some important details of a movie review.. and that is recommending whether to watch or not, however would certainly provide details and parts  that struck me. So here i go :

The bold one : Female lead is a no nonsense, fiercely independent, and gutsy  character ,  arriving college on a bullet, driving a tractor , voicing her opinions, questioning the norms; and all this left me impressed. Sketching such character for a village girl, is something i haven’t seen and infact made me fall in love with the edgy character. She isn’t scared to express her feelings to the guy, infact is seen taking the lead and being unabashed and absolutely non guilty about it. Kudos to Majule for thinking her !!!


The Unknown: Honor Killings … a topic that seems far and unknown was just thrown at my face at the end of the movie. I suddenly realized that we are so blind to certain harsh realities of India and how these evils still creep in the society. The end made me cringe, left me scared, brought Goosebumps , and wrenched my heart. I couldn’t take my mind off the 30 second scene of both the lead actors lying dead in a pool of blood and their small baby standing their crying. It was as if someone had hit me hard and woken me up from the dreamy reality that i live in, thinking the world to be a beautiful place.


The Real : Love is not always rosy, and it takes persistence, conviction, and lot of trust to go through the journey. The scenes where the couple spends the initial days in a slum and situations start playing their part is superb. Manjule has shown the slum life as real as it could get and it makes you suffer along with the actors, the hardships , difficulties, issues ,that they undergo.

The actors are flawless in their execution of respective parts and make a connect instantly. Story is not very different or extra ordinary but the treatment is definitely good and deserves praise. Music stands out , being an ajay atul movie, the same is quite obvious also (“Atta cha baya ka bavarla” being my fav from the chart). The first half has quite a few punches and comedy scenes to make you laugh. The entire rural setup also provides a refreshing break from the regular urban atmosphere we usually encounter in movies.

Thats all from my side on Sairat.. let me know if any of you have watched and have something to share.



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