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Web of Memories..

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Sun kissed plants dazzled in the backyards, her garden  had an envious line up of flowers, vegetables and medicinal plants. Gerbera, tulips, daffodils, hibiscus,cherry tomatoes ,basil created a scenic & picturesque view. She was sitting on the mahogany furniture kept in the sidewalks, freshly prepared tea along with a plate of nice biscuits were arrayed on the table in front. This morning was different than the usual; unhurried, confusing , thoughtful in a strange manner.

Nandan was away on an official tour to Madurai, and this gave her a window to ponder, or probably to question her integrity , her intentions, her 15 years of almost perfect marriage.Has she been a good wife? Or she betrayed Nandan, the thought made her cringe. He had been at her side unconditionally, so much so that the memories of her past had wiped away long back.

Two days back, sitting in front of her laptop, switching between the numerous excel sheets that loaded her screen , she lifted her tired neck up, to stare directly at a scene she wished had never happened. Across the cubicle, she could see Atharva , clad in military green  shirt and oval spectacles. For a moment she couldn’t comprehend her feeling, was she happy, nervous, scared, angry or all of it. She didn’t knew. A part of her past which was hidden and  kept in wraps was suddenly standing in front of her, gushing back the faded memories back to her brains.

A thin film had formed over the tea, which still lied there untouched. The thoughts racing in her mind made her heart pounce. She was thinking of Nandan , the feeling of losing him was scary.

Her marriage to Nandan was arranged, fresh from the wounds of a relationship that couldn’t stand the test of time, intentions and trust, she had stepped into the wedlock with apprehensions. But Nandan approached her with a sincerity and integrity that she wasn’t aware of , and which pleasantly surprised her. Moments of Happiness, laughter, contentment, & love was what kavya experienced in the next 15 years of her marriage to Nandan. Comparing the steady & honest companionship of Nandan to the flickering infatuation she shared with Atharva, seemed meaningless.

The moment seemed like a lifetime, too heavy , too complex… !!! Kavya looked up , staring into the eyes on the glaring sun, unabashedly. The light of truth lit up the surroundings , she stood up convinced.





Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

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