A short trip to natureland

Recently visited kota for a day, for some official purpose. Got to visit an awesome destination called geradia mahadev. I was curious about the place since the time i had seen it in the rajasthan tourism advertisement. The place was much more beautiful than it appreared on tv. This post will be more of picture and less of words, let the pics do the rest of talking. The happy face girl is btw yours’ truely along with a colleague who was  kind enough to drive  me to this fab location.20160721_191607


Isn’t it serene?? Go ppl visit,its totally worth it.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pragya Asati says:

    No doubt its nature land


    1. angie2787 says:

      Hey thnks for visiting the blog.. And yes it truly is a natureland


  2. Kunal Manpreet says:

    Ek number ek number


    1. angie2787 says:

      Really it is .. Thanks for visiting the blog !! do leave me a link, in case you also blog


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