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Why i love AIRINDIA



It was just yesterday that i took a flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and decided to opt for the national carrier, much to the chagrin of those around. And the reason, one would probably be well aware, can be contributed to the negative brand image that AIR INDIA has crafted for itself. But contrary to the popular vote, i like travelling in the national carrier, and few of the reasons would probably be:

  1. They have the most HUMAN flight pursers , and when i mean human what i actually mean is they don’t look like mannequins dipped in a tub of perfume. While in rest of the carriers they would all seem to be the contestants of some Model hunt show, here they are people in their 40’s or 50’s with wrinkles, not so proper hair, no fuss makeup and uncomplicated attires. In a country full of idiots  endorsing fairness creams, anti wrinkle treatments, Botox and what not ; These stewardess come as such a relief. For once we are not categorizing someone by their physical attributes.
  2. The Food… Its simple, healthy and most importantly , they give a tomato ketchup sachet along with. As the Indian who gorges on her spicy, tangy  food items, the bland choices offered by other carriers are a nightmare. And yes they don’t differentiate , they make everyone eat .. So Indian i say !!! 😉
  3. They are not Fake. So you can hear them scream, get angry, get irritated and frustrated. So you can often come across an AI staff yelling at passenger ” Arey tumko samajh nhi aata, flight chhut jayegi, kaha ghum rhe the “.. Lolzz. I bet none of the other carrier people can dare to speak like that to customers. But then why suppress emotions, its unhealthy to force a smile when what you actually want to do is throw a brick at the other person ;). We are Indians after all, and cheekhna Chillana at one another is our birth right.
  4. They have a lot of planes which are HUUUUGEEEEE in size…. and huge by any standards. It always gives you the MAHARAJA feeling travelling in them. As opposed to the congested, contracted carriers, who give you a feeling of traveling in a Mumbai local.

So do you get the point, if the next time govt thinks of  pulling the shutter down for AI, yours truly will be among those who will oppose it strongly. I love AI.:)



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