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A Different Stroke…




“Lucky me !!!!”  thought Sakshi, as she got out the cab and entered the lift to rush to the place she called HOME. It started raining torrentially , the thuds of rain could well be heard as they splashed themselves on the window panes. She hurriedly changed into her worn out pajamas and rushed to the kitchen. The menu was already thought about; rains call for special menus. She dedicatedly worked towards the dinner ensemble, smiling all throughout, thinking of how glad her foodie husband would be. Just as  she was about to microwave the rice, door bell rang. Siddhartha was late by almost an hour and half today, Rains must have been the culprit , she thought. She went to open the door , and found a grumbling Siddhartha standing outside the door, all drenched.

“My Car broke”  He told.

“Oh Gosh!! Then?”

“What Next? Obviously i took a cab and got back. Now can you stop playing KBC with me, and allow me in” He sarcastically commented.

“Of course.. Change quickly” She said with a concern.

She returned to the kitchen and set up the dining table, knowing he must be hungry. They sit down opposite to each other and after a few questions from both sides , rest of the dinner is in silence. He doesn’t notice or probably doesn’t comment anything about the special menu she made. This disappoints her; Siddhartha always used to be so vocal & appreciative  about her cooking. Things have changed.. and she has started to notice it more often. He wasn’t someone who would indulge in PDA, but the hugs and pecks they shared in private, have also disappeared. She thinks of the sketches, paintings and hand made cards he gifted her , during their courtship, and the lack of mushy things in her relationship suddenly pinches her more. Has he changed?? Has the love evaporated? She dozes off to sleep, with similar thoughts in mind and an unaware siddhartha  by her side. The next day was usual rush, managing the breakfast, lunch tiffins, maids and pick up cabs , she entered her workplace.

It started raining again and the pace kept on increasing. Till the coffee break in the evening  she didn’t had the time to take stock  of the outside situation ,and the closed indoors of the workplace ensured she remains unaware. It was only, after ruchi alarmed her that it was heavily raining and that they should better head home , before city goes on a standstill. Sakshi did the mental calculations, but the 2 day  leave at the start of the week , meant she had just today to send the report to the client, and another 2-3 hours before she could think of leaving.

After a few hours, as  she finally  sent the mail to the client, she took out her cellphone to book a cab, only to find “NO CABS” flashing across. She went downstairs and was scared looking at the lane, filled with knee deep water. No regular taxi or rickshaw in sight ,she stood there , thinking of all possibilities she could explore. She went up again, and bumped into Ravi, who was also rushing downstairs. She thought of asking him, to drop her home, but ravi lived in the exact opposite corner and this made her reluctant. Ravi asked her out of courtesy of how she planning to go back as there was no one else apart from the 2 of them and the peons, in the office now. She said she will manage, and he zipped away, without further ado. Sakshi waited at her desk for 5 min, thinking of whether she should call Siddhartha and atleast inform that she was stuck. She hesitated for a moment thinking he might get furious for being careless and not leaving on time.  As she was lost in her thought, suddenly her mobile flashed



“Sakshi.. Where are you?”

“Arrghh..i am in office actually”

“what?? You didn’t leave? Is there anyone else with you?

“No.. Actually i am alone and cabs are not available”

” How could you Sakshi.. You know the weather, you should have left on time na..? Anyways.. Stay there , i am coming to pick you up?”

“Of course not .. You will get stuck. City is in knee deep waters, there will be traffic jams everywhere. No don’t do that. I will manage something”

“We are not arguing on this sakshi. Just be where you are, and i will pick you up”

She felt nervous , and guilty ,thinking of putting Siddhartha through this ordeal.

A good 3.5 hours passed by, she was still sitting at her desk waiting. As the signals on her cellphone went from 2 lines to none, she decided to wait downstairs. It was another half an hour when she saw the familiar white swift desire, making its way into the waters. Siddhartha was finally there, she was relieved to see him, at the same time felt afraid of his reaction to her foolishness. He came to the lobby, hugged her and asked

“Are you okay”

She smiled.. He held her hand and carefully guided her to the car. She smiled again, a smile of assurance; the love hasn’t evaporated, it has just changed its form.








Someone who thinks too much, has opinions about almost everything on face of this earth, a bit disoriented from the usual & normal way of living , and overtly disconnected from the mainstream. A voracious reader, food lover, and a movie buff with creative streaks here and there.

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