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I am a die hard foodie, and quite unapologetically so. I find it fascinating to indulge in the myriad of food options one have, not just eating but i also love cooking and trying out different things. Although i am yet to taste like a million food items from across the world, but i do consider myself a bit above average , in terms of knowing quite a bit of them. At least i can boast of having tried quite a rich variety of cuisines and food items available in India. But i have often encountered that people around me are not that experimental about their food choices. They more often stick to the known , tried and tasted varieties and miss out on some really amazing stuff. Lot of my relatives and friends often ask me to tell them what exactly to try out , when they go to some restaurant which is not indian or for that matter Punjabi or south Indian. I thought i will list down some of these suggestions on my blog as well. Although these are really really basic food items and NOT AT ALL exhaustive, but would definitely help those who are still in FRESHER zone, and have just started their food journey:

  1. ITALIAN : Italian has to be one of my all time favourite. That is my GO TO food, when in doubt I say ITALIAN. For those who wish to start with Italian, let me tell you first, Pizza hut /Dominos pizza and pasta is not what ITALIAN actually is. For the appetizers,  try the limitless varieties of Bruschetta , consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with tomatoes, olive salt and pepper ; the toppings can vary from restaurant to restaurant. The most common soup , is Minestrone; having loads of veggies along with pasta. The main course can be Cannelloni which is a form of pasta but has  filling stuffed inside (If you are trying at Little Italy, it is going to be spinach filling), or  Wood burnt pizza , Raviolli (type of dumpling composed of a filling sealed between two layers of thin pasta dough or Risotto ( Rice dish, but i am not a big fan of this one). End the lunch /Dinner with a sweet panna cotta, a sort of cooked and flavoured cream.
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  2. MIDDLE EASTERN :This brings only one name to my mind ” HUMMUS”. Boiled chickpea paste with garlic, tahini(which by the way is sesame seeds powder) and lots of olive oil. You generally eat it with a Pita Bread which is made from fermented maida. One can also try falafels , a deep fried patty made from again chickpeas. If you are a non vegetarian, you can try out  Kibbeh, which are made from meat and cereals. For the non vegetarian in you, gorge on the Amazing variety of Kebabs.Image result for middle eastern cuisine
  3. THAI : Thai cuisine is among the most popular cuisines in the world,and is said to be one of the tastiest. It is definitely a bit heavier on the non veg side, but you can find many vegetarian variants as well. Lay your hands on Khanum, the thai rice noodles; easy on the stomach yet very tasty. Thai food is often loaded with veggies and have very strong and distinct flavours.You can also try the Jasmine rice, and one of the salads that tops my list is Som tam, which is  made from raw papaya. And of course your THAI rendezvous is not complete without the Thai curry, mix of vegetables, curry, coconut milk and spices.

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To be continued ……


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