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I am a big wildlife lover.. there is something about the dense and thick forest, the rustling of woods, the call of birds, that feels so enigmatically attractive. I have recently started travelling to wildlife sanctuaries and have managed to see some animals /birds in their natural habitat. It is fascinating to see them roaming around ,undisturbed and unperturbed. Here are few of my chanced encounters which i truly cherish , however lack of a good camera, might be one reason , that the real charisma of the moment will not be that evident from the photos. Nevertheless , it definitely will give you some flavor of my Jungle book diaries….



THE MAJESTIC… a Female Lioness along with her Cubs @ Gir , Janugadh , Gujarat


THE CROOKED ONE ..we saw this fox near a village , while our way back from Gir






These are the Migratory Greater Flamingo @ Nal Sarovar , Ahmedabad


This is a tough one to guess.. As the animal has its back towards the camera. Its a Hyena, which we spotted @ BERA, Udaipur.


A White Eyed Buzzard


THE INDIAN TIGER @ Bandhavgarh


If you pay a little attention..  Its a female Tigress with 2 of her Cubs . This also is from Bandhavgarh.


A Leopard spotted in the dark @ Bera, Udaipur

Apart from these i have also seen flying squirrels, but since they were spotted in absolute darkness, i don’t have a proof of it.

But indeed these are some my best wildlife moments so far, hope i have many more !!!



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3 thoughts on “THE JUNGLE BOOK

    1. Thnks. But i didn’t take these phots. They were taken by a friend, who happens to be wild life photographer, and i was accompanying him, so that’s how i could lay hands on them.


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