If we were having coffee…

I would tell you that i wanted to capture the sunrise from my newly bought SLR , and was wanting to go to some hill out of the city limits for the same. Going alone wasn’t much of an option and i couldn’t manage to find a company. So finally i had to settle for a sunset instead and i could finally try my hands on landscape photography. img_0206

I would tell you that in my recent trip to Vadodara, i finally managed to visit Laxmi Vilas palace museum, with the sole purpose of having a look at Raja Ravi Verma works displayed there. And i was floored.. even for a novice like me, with no background whatsoever in art; they appeared phenomenal. The paintings gave a physical shape to the divine beings we worship, they seemed so real. I am so glad i visited the place, as the collection is said to the largest in the world (As i read somewhere)

Image result for raja ravi verma laxmi vilas

(Painting  depicting story of Ganga & shantanu along  with bhishm . Source : Internet)

I also tried some really good non veg preparations at one of the local restaurants Khama Ghani. The menu stood out , with some lip smacking items like keeme ki potli, leemda chicken, patthar ka gosht etc . They had authentic jodhpuri cuisine and even the price was quite reasonable.

I also tried Nitrogen icecreams for the first time, and found it to be good.. Nothing extra ordinary but just good enough.

I would ask you how your weekend was, and what all you did !!!



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