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EAT, PRAY, LOVE- A Book Review

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to read, and always carried books along. Suddenly one winter evening , when the sun was all orange and red, she realized she had nothing left to read that night. She became really tensed and started desperately searching for a book to read. She searched and searched in her collection, for something to lay hands on, but finally could manage to find only one book , lying there untouched , since the time it was bought. And the book was “Eat Pray Love”.

The above was , because i wanted to give some different start to my blog posts…. 😉 🙂 . Anyways , so i recently finished reading the novel “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert   . Yes its the same book which formed the basis of a film by the same name starring Julia Roberts. I wasn’t much enthusiastic about the book from the very start as somehow i just knew , it wasn’t “MY TYPES”. But as my cardinal rule goes, a book can never be left unfinished, so i struggled , but completed reading it.

The book  proved all my doubts and apprehensions to be right. It was a big disappointment. The writing is so shallow that you can actually catch that she is making it all up and they are nowhere close to any real life experiences. As per Gilbert , all italian do is eat and all indians do is see god. Her description of the countries is so skewed and so foreign that it actually makes you wonder if she really has ever visited the countries she is talking about.

She talks about attaining moksha and kundalini jagruti,in just matter of months,however anyone who is remotely associated with meditation, will tell, that this is impossible.By making up stories about yoga, and moksha, and niravana, Ms. Gilbert has very cunningly made millions out of her book.

The idea of leaving all your problems , and running away to a distant land , is i think so compelling to everyone , that many of the readers would probably fall for that mirage. But in reality, real courage is not in running away , its in facing and fighting back. Yes travel is fun, its liberating but you can’t use it to escape from your issues. There is no miracle which will happen , so as to dissolve all your issues, and problems in thin air. (BTW that’s exactly what happens to her issues with her husband, its actually hilarious to read her describing  her and her husband’s soul meeting in vaccum and Voila !! issues resolved) Travel, meditation , Yoga, Nature , they don’t teach you to run away, they infact give you strength to counter your problems and find solutions.

I haven’t visited Indonesia , so can’t comment on how true her account of Medicine men & Women were, but it did feel fictionalized. I personally did not find the book inspiring or liberating, as many claim it to be and would probably  not recommend it.


PS: Views are purely personal and even though i did not like the book, i know various others who swear by it.



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