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Marathi Weddings …. the wedding announcements


Recently the sister got married , and it was a full fledged 5 day affair . Being a cross cultural wedding (We being Marathi & groom being Bengali) , it was all the more chaotic, eventful and fun. But during the process , i realized the lack of resources, inputs, knowledge, write ups etc etc when it comes to marathi weddings, on the internet. I decided i will start a series of blog posts, covering the events and also since our celebration was a budget  and mostly a DIY type, it does make sense to share the info and ideas.

The first post is about the wedding announcements, and we made approximately 4-5 different types of invites for sharing the news with our family & friends.

  1. The Paper Invite /Patrika/Kankotri- Usually the patrikas are printed in Marathi, but since we belong to M.P with most of our relatives in places like M.P and Gujarat, we decided on the English version. But we had to toil a lot.. and i really mean a lot to get something that was pretty yet would fit into our budget. Finally we got what we wanted at one of the shops in Ahmedabad ( Located in old city) . Since we had  4 functions and invitees varied accordingly, we narrowed down to a design with leaflets. This is how final version looked like. And for the cost , 17Rs per patrika along with printing (Envelope and 4 leaflets) DSC_0023.JPGDSC_0027 (2).JPG

DSC_0025 (3).JPG


2. The E Invite : We decided on DIY for the e-invite. Yours Truly designed the E invite , using the pre wedding shots of the couple and some inspiration from the internet. I designed it in pdf and jpeg and we shared it with others majorly over whatsapp.

E Invite prothom.jpg


3. Wedding Website:  We created the wedding website for the bride & groom, using the free url at , check out the same at Wedding Website. We received a lot of compliments for the website, and let me tell you , it was super easy to create that one. I strongly recommend the site. We included a lot of family photographs, details about events, couple story etc. to make it interesting.

4. Personal Letter- My father was insisting a lot ,that some close relatives be sent a personal letter inviting them for the wedding. One of my father’s friend took the onus onto him and wrote , mind you WROTE in all 30 letters , in Marathi detailing the event and inviting them over. It had the signatures of my Father and were LOVED by all, as it provided such a warm and personal touch.







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