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Kelvan – A Prewedding Marathi Ritual

So while i still have few posts in draft, dealing with some more wedding preparations and tips, i wanted to write about some typical maharashtrian wedding rituals that aren’t very popular with non marathis. So Kelvan or Gadignar is one such ritual wherein the close relatives of the Bride/Groom throw lunch/Dinner in their honour. While it does sound fun, ask a bride who has gone through the innumerable rounds of dinners/Lunches just 10 days prior to the wedding , and ended up with an upset tummy. Nevertheless, the ritual is a lot of fun, as the hosts try different creative ways to decorate , prepare sumptuous delicacies and  as for bride, it is all about getting to decked up and being the center of Attraction.

Traditionally it is an elaborate vegetarian home cooked meal prepared by the relatives for the bride and her family. But the custom is tweaked often to suit the hosts & the guests. As for my sister’s wedding , there were dinners and only she and my Mom & dad attended , while for few kelvans it was our entire extended family of 26-30 people. Also the menu ranged from veg to non veg depending on what she was in mood for.

The no. of kelvans , the bride/Groom normally attend are directly proportional to how social their parents are ;). Which in my sister’s case ran into quite a few, and she finally had to postpone some of them as there were just no days left to accommodate them prior to the wedding. Mind you she started attending them almost 2 months prior to her wedding (Does that give an idea of no. of kelvans she would have attended)


The Thali Decor for the kelvan



My Sister’s kelvan and the traditional ritual of putting a gajra on the bride



Glimpses from few more kelvans she attended..

PS: We loved the decor that they had created , Isn’t it lovely?



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