Wedding Sign boards

If you follow “wed me good” by any chance , you will know for sure what wedding sign boards are. For those who are yet to be bitten by the bug of wedding planning, let me introduce you to wedding sign boards. These are quirky , funny , boards with photos , quotes, slogans etc etc. printed on them , and are used as part of the wedding décor. One can be as creative as they want while designing these, different material (wood planks, flex etc) , matter, can be used for creating these. We used flex prints on frames of hollow pipes to create our wedding boards. We used them during the mehendi , sangeet and also the wedding functions.

For the matter that was printed on them, inspiration flowed in from google. They really added a lot of charm and Fun to the overall décor.  I wish I had the actual décor photos showing all these displayed in the wedding venue, but somehow our photographer didn’t think it was necessary to take the photos, and so we ended up having no photos of these cute sign boards during the actual wedding events.


Photo:  The sign board displayed during sangeet



One more from the photo booth , during the sangeet ceremony


Photo: One from the wedding event


We also had one , that we used for the mehendi favours , which had something like this written over ” Little Something for you -FAVOURS”

If you want to try your hand at making these, just visit the local shop who prints flex banners, give them the size and ask them to print. Simultaneously you can catch hold of any local hardware person and get a frame made using hollow plastic pipes and use them to stick the flex banners. This will give a neat and sleek look to the boards and also help you appear like standees .






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