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Let me start with explaining what exactly rukhwat means . If put simply, its the trousseau of gifts, a bride brings to her new home. A marathi wedding is incomplete without the display of rukhwat. It has also from ages been the place to showcase the artistic and creative side of the bride , with items ranging from utensils to eatables to show pieces to handmade stuff to anything and everything. So what all should one ideally include in a rukhwat ? My tips for a good rukhwat would probably include:

  1. Keep it simple : Do not put things that the couple might not be able to put to any use after the wedding. Some decorative stuff looks really cute and adorable while on display but is a total waste after that. So all those thermocol items can very well be avoided
  2. Ask the Bride: In earlier days the rukhwat used to be prepared by the bride herself, which isn’t the case now and it is nowadays majorly outsourced or store bought. Before you decide to buy anything the first and foremost rule is to ask the bride of the things that she needs. Nice pieces of crockery , wine glasses, Lamps , Handicrafts can be included if that’s what the bride would need in her new home.
  3. Personalize: Nothing showcases your creative side more than the personalized items. Use photos of the couple, or families, friends to give the decor a customized look. For my sister’s wedding we used the childhood photos of the bride & groom. We also had a small corner displaying the photos of our grand father & grand Mom (Both maternal & paternal). Since they are no more with us, we thought it apt to have their photos in the bride trousseau.
  4. Don’t Clutter : Too much on the display also is a NO NO, it is not aesthetically appealing and therefore should be avoided
  5. Food Items: Don’t include food items which have a short shelf life. As the groom’s place might anyways be overstuffed with sweets and snacks, eating the rukhwat items immediately , might not be practically possible . Include snacks and savouries that can be preserved for long. In my sister’s rukhwat we had a lot of Achaar /Pickels as displays; varieties of them , somewhere close to  12-15 i guess. We made them in small quantities, so that Groom’s side could relish them without having much to worry of the storage.
  6. Couple Things – Include some quirkyness and make it interesting, we had some couple pillows, Mugs and other small and funny things on display.
  7. Use your imagination: Use flowers, or candles, or balloons or whatever you can think of to make the setup appealing.

So what is the exact things you can include:

  1. Personalized coffee/Tea mugs
  2. Lamp Shades
  3. Framed Couple Photos
  4. Savoury snacks
  5. Wine glasses
  6. Wall Clocks
  7. Stylish cooking utensils
  8. bedsheets, bedcovers, pillow covers
  9. Wind chimes
  10. Table Mats
  11. Planters
  12. Achar, Papad or anything of that sort
  13. Table mats
  14. Small Pieces of furniture  like a corner

Leaving you with a photograph of rukhwat setup and the sister’s wedding:







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