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MEHENDI- A Budgeted version

Since time immemorial , we had decided that whenever we plan a wedding , we will have a Mehendi function for close friends and relatives. So when we planned the sister’s wedding , we kept a day aside for having a small Mehendi function. The whole wedding was inspired from Pinterest and Mehendi being no exception. Having a separate Mehendi function isn’t normally a custom in Maharastrian weddings, but, we as such people with meager amount of Maharashtra left in us, and having lived in M.P our whole lives, we went ahead with the grand plans of having a kick ass Mehendi function.

The first requirement of course was getting the mehendi artist, which by all means was no easy tasks. Till the nth hour we were struggling to find one , who was reasonable, innovative, could customize and had good speed. Finally at some random mall in Indore, sister managed to find artist on her own, and we can say he did a splendid job.

For other people we managed to get some local girls, to get the henna done for all the ladies who were invited for the function.



The next item on the to do list was  the decor, and that needed a lot of creativity and inspirations from across the internet. We zeroed on some pics from pinterest, showed them to the guy who was doing the flower arrangements and voila, he agreed to do it , within our budget. The trick was to use flowers which were locally available and therefore cheap and do as much DIY as possible.

The end result , was a decor with Marigold flowers, locally printed wedding sign boards and some hand made products, with the family photographs. It all looked beautiful and plus was super cheap. The backyard of our home was used, and the trees etc acted like props. Some rented beds and pillows, a red ordinary carpet added to the charm.


We also had a air gun  set up , at the mehendi function, which turned out to be one of the highlights, as not just kids but all ladies had a ball trying it out. And we actually contacted that person from a random mela , where he had put up his stall, and therefore we again could get it at dirt cheap price.

As is the ritual , mehendi favours were also needed. we decided on a budget of approx Rs 100 per piece for the favours. We had close to 30-35 ladies to whom the favors were to be distributed.  The favours were actually quite a find. Somewhere in the by-lanes of Bhopal, the Groom came across some amazing party clutches and asked us if they were okay. One look at them and we were ecstatic, and they were not just beautiful , but also fitting into the budget. They could have costed us the quadruple or even more the price, anywhere outside. So the purchase was made right then and there.


All in all, the budgeted function, turned out to be a great hit and whether it was getting the henna done, playing games, the favours, everyone had fun.

So if you are on a budget, but still want to have  a grand wedding.Trust me , a little extra effort and brain, is all it takes.






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