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Had written this one, some time back for a short story writing competition at workplace.The prompt i got was COME HELL OR HIGH WATER and the word limit was 300. I had been wanting to try the fictional space for some time, and therefore decided to venture into a new genre this time. Hope you guys enjoy

“Sharon had been in denial, for her it was impossible to come to terms with the loss. The memories of past were so vivid in her mind, that they seem to be challenging the truth of the Present; the truth of Harry no more being alive.

In the small downtown, they lived, love stories weren’t common and therefore the romantic escapades of them were quite popular. The day the couple walked the altar, the entire town witnessed the love they shared. A dapper looking Harry, that day in front of the pastor, read out the vows, and tears of joy gleamed in Sharon’s eyes. The  sound of “Dear Sharon, Come hell or high water, I will never leave your side” still resonating within her.

Contrast to the white she wore that day, today she was dressed in black and returning from the funeral services held for harry. She reached the porch when she saw her cat in the sideways. She lifted the cat, opened the door and was about to enter when the cat jumped , almost refusing to come inside. Amazed, Sharon walked in, and shut the door behind her.  She got up to climb the stairs to their bedroom , when she suddenly heard Harry’s voice. She went few steps up when she thought she hallucinated harry walking across the gallery. She hurried inside the bedroom; she was missing him too much she thought. She walked to the dressing mirror and there he was Harry with the slanted smile she fell in love with. She turned back in horror and saw no one. She turned to the mirror again to assure herself that harry wasn’t there. But there he was, inside the mirror, smiling at her and repeating “COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE”



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