Let’s do it !!!!

So i have been thinking from really really and i mean really long, to try and write daily on the blog for at least a month. However the idea itself was somehow exhausting and with the kind of travel i do, it seemed a bit difficult. But i have been feeling like giving it a shot. No one is after all punishing me , if i don’t complete it. It is my space and i can try and fail as many times as i want. Right??

So Yesterday i could post 2 posts, and here is the one for today. I am just posting the pic of the Mandap decor we did in the sister’s wedding. I know the post is random, but that’s how i plan to complete my blogathon.


We used some rajasthani puppets , some metatlic bells, photographs of the couple and some quirky quotes along with fresh flowers for the mandap.



Then we had some nice DIY standees and structures in the reception , designed an and executed by the groom himself. It had the wedding hashtag and even served as a photo booth corner.

More ideas to follow !!!!



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