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GULAABJAAM – Movie Review

Being a marathi and a foodie , this movie was on the watch list , since the time i had seen the trailer. And ofcourse Sonali Kulkarni, how she cannot be the reason you would want to watch a movie.

But this movie was a bit of a disappointment. I went with the memories of one of the best indian movie on food “The lunchbox”. Marathi food hasn’t been a very popular cuisine and their are so many best kept secrets of the cuisine , not known even to many maharashtrians themselves. So bringing out a movie which featured marathi food , was definitely a commendable idea, full points to the team for that. But the points end there, as the movie does nothing to satisfy your palate.

The story starts nicely m building on the expectations, however somewhere long before the interval looses the steam and starts dragging.

Sonali kulkarni tries hard, but the story is too drab to hold the attention. The food which was supposed to be the central character, doesn’t get that much of screen space as was necessary. Viewer is left hungry for more food shots, some more details about the cuisine and cooking process.

There are unnecessary twists to the story,and characters which could easily have been edited off. I would have rather loved if the writer could have dwelt into the food history or even the food habits of Puneris.  But nothing like this happens. Music isn’t really something to be written off either.

I wouldn’t say it was a bad movie , but not something i would go to theaters and watch. You can definitely watch it, next time its on the satellite TV.



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