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Web Series you should not miss..

What does one do when the television ,is full of crap which has moved beyond saas bahu and is now gone over to Snakes, and flies and what not. Simple… you watch the amazing content getting streamed on web. I am listing some of my favourite Indian web series streamed TVF-1280x640TVF Pitchers : My journey of web series started with this one.. One of the epic from TVF , this still remains a favourite. A story of 4 roommates, struggling with the idea of a startup, it is sure to make you laugh and giggle.

Permanent_Roommates_-_PosterTVF Permanent Roommates : I don’t think this web series need an introduction. I guess the most famous of all the indian web series, this one is downright hilarious.Anyone who has ever been in a relationship, would be able to relate with Tanu and Mikesh. The situations and the reactions are so relatable that it leaves you in splits.

imagesSIT : SIT or the acronym for Shitty Ideas Trending is my latest find. Although these guys have been doing work from quite some time. The everyday tales of married couples is funny, witty and adorable. The actors are really good, specially Pooja Gor and Chhavi Mittal. Some of the stories do get cheeky at times, but lot of them are quite enjoyable.

download (1)Bose : Live or Dead   This is the latest sensation , and everyone seems to be talking about it. And why not, when you have rajkumar rao,playing an Icon (SubhashChandra Bose) coupled with one of the biggest mystery of indian politics, it is bound to create ripples. The storyline is crisp and although not very detailed , it does make for a good drama and thrill. I would definitely advise to take everything with a pinch of salt as it is based on a book which itself has been quite controversial. However this offering from ALT has to be on your playlist.

haq-se-web-seires-759Haq Se : And which girl doesn’t remember “Sujal” The angry romantic guy from Ekta Kapoor’s “Kahin to hoga”. And he doesn’t seem to have aged at all, he can still portray the passionate characters with panache. And ofcourse you have other big names like Surveen chawla and Simone Singh ( My favourite) along with the beautiful backdrop of Kashmir to make you take notice of this Webseries. Launched by ALT, they  will now soon be coming up with more episodes



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