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Where to eat in Mumbai ??

It’s been one long year in Mumbai, and if you ask me how it has been. I will tell you, it has been just like the city; Swift, fast, and a melange of almost everything. Of all things i like about i think the food would definitely score the most. So for today’s post i am listing my 5 favourite places in eat mumbai where i frequent:



  1. Tamasha, Lower Parel: Often crowded, this place offers amazing continental food. Live music, contemporary decor and the upbeat crowd , makes this one a must visit. Things you should try : Their Hummus platterthe_rolling_pin_bakery
  2. Rolling Pin : Right opposite the phoenix mall, this restaurant is the one you should go, when you feel like having some conversation over food. Unlike most places in south mumbai, this one is not noisy. Food again the major crowd puller , however no alcohol or non veg  is served here.Things you should try : Black Burger, Dessertsa03de2b8592dfe055247b308ef1406a8_featured_v2
  3. Gazali : If you are into sea food, gazali is the place. They have prices as per catch and the fish and prawn preparations are to die for. On weekends the place is generally full and finding a place might be difficult. Things to Try: Prawn Biryanidownload (2)
  4. 1441 Pizzeria : This one is located in Fort area and is frequented by office goers in the area. All pizzas are prepared in the wooden oven and are custom made. A concept by chef Rinato viola, the food is fresh and delicious. Things to try: Pizza ofcourse

download (3)

  1. Sassy Spoon- They had one branch in Bandra, which seems to have been closed. The one that i visit now is the one at nariman point. Simple and unique ambience and good food is what you get here. The service might be an issue , as the restaurent is usually crowded. But the food and other things make up for it. Things to Try: Sassy Stacks,


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