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Spoiler Alert- This is going to be a cheat post. I am just posting a post that was in my drafts for almost more than an year now. But owing to the terrible sinusitis headache i am having, which has almost made sitting in front of the screen unbearable. With the head seeming to be as heavy as 100 kg rock,all my nerves waiting to explode, and non stop sneezing bouts, all i could manage was to write this paragraph and do a publish.. Sorry for the abrupt ending of the post and bad editing, as just like my immune system the wordpress also refused to cooperate today

“So work made me travel yet again, and this time it was a quaint little town of Bharatpur in the Rustic Rajasthan. This place had been in my travel radar for almost 3 years now, however somehow it kept me eluded. I wanted to visit the Keoladeo Bird sanctuary after having heard about the migratory bird life of the place. So as soon as i got some avenue the trip was planned and friends summoned.

However, nature decided to play spoilsport and dense , thick fog engulfed the city just on the day i was to visit the sanctuary. I did went on to see the Vast sanctuary on a cute little golf cart and my guide also tried all he could to help me spot some birds.

Some cormorants, Kingfishers later i found that the most famous Siberian migratory species have stopped coming to the sanctuary since years altogether. And the only exotic bird i witnessed were the huge colonies of Painted storks. They were there in thousands…. Spectacle worth seeing for sure


Dissapointed by the Bird sanctuary, i decided to try some more luck, to turn the visit worthwhile and planned  half a day visit to nearby Sariska Tiger reserve. Now those who are into wildlife , know that the chance of spotting a tiger at Sariska in close to None. The tiger population and density is very low, making the animal elusive to spot.

But boy, i was in for a surprise, as nature this time made up for what it did to me at Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary. We spotted a fully grown female tigress , from a distance of less than 10 Ft, which was really amazing owing to the sighting history of the place.



So as they say… Nature surprises you at the most unexpected times.




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