Summers bring a lot of nostalgia. All happy memories:

  1. Summer equals to vacation time and the means a trip to “Nani ka ghar”, Vadodara.
  2. Summer means the finger licking food that nani used to prepare
  3. Summer means going to theatres to watch movies
  4. Summer means the afternoon kulfiwala and his bell
  5. Summer means carrom and cards
  6. Summer means Mangoes
  7. Summer means unlimited and never ending supplies of books
  8. Summer means getting to sleep on the terrace
  9. Summer means Ganne ka juice
  10. Summer means cousins coming home
  11. Summer means getting out to play in the morning and not returning till mom comes herself to pick you up
  12. Summer means getting to buy new school bags and stickers
  13. Summer means missing your school gang
  14. Summer means “I love you Rasna”

Ohhh such lovely and beautiful memories. I wish i could go back to the childhood and feel that enthusiasm, excitement, and that innocence once again.


Happy summers to all. !!!!


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