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5 children movies that everyone should watch

the blue umbrella

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1.Dhanak :A loving and protective elder sister, and a blind,smart and adorable brother. Their journey to meet shahrukh khan so that he can pay for the operation that will give the younger brother his eyesight back. The movie is soulful, endearing, funny and emotional.

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2.Elizabeth ekadashi: This marathi movie also has a bro sister bond that will make all siblings nostalgic. The most precious possession for them  is the bicycle which they call elizabeth.Struggling withabject poverty, yet they show you indelible way of living life.

3. The blue umbrella ☔ :If there is one director who is master of movies for kids, i would say it is vishal bharadwaj. I love his other movies like makdee also, but this is special because it is based on a very surreal short story from my favourite author, ruskin bond. It is simple, but manages to touch the  deepest chords.


4. Shwas: One more from the marathi land this one was the official entry of india to oscars. Arun nalawade as the grandfather,  whose grandson is baoit to loose his eyes, post operation, tries to fill his only day of vision with as much memories of sight as possible. Appreciating what we have, is what they teach you. A Must see.


5. Do dooni chaar. I am a fan of this movie. The natural chemistry between neetu singh and rishi kapoor, daily struggles of a lower middle class family, and the fight between morals and wishes. It has moral lessons in the most amusing and interesting way possible. Sheer delight.





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