What am i up to???


Watching…  It has been a week since i last sat beside a television set, and guess what, i am loving it.

Trying… to make health a priority, need to start doing some physical activity, really soon.

Cooking… Trying to figure out the best recipe for a homemade ice cream. I really want to try the shipra Khanna’s masterchef recipe of mango and tulsi icecream.

Eating…  I am just back from a vacation and probably have gained kilos eating sweets, ice creams, and all kind of junk food

Drinking… Loads of water.

Calling… Noone.. want some peace.

Texting… Absolutely no one.. can i just get rid of my WhatsApp is the question on my mind right now.  :/

Hoping (to)… Sort things out

Pinning… Dark Chocolate

Tweeting… I do not tweet

Going… Jungle safaris, actually just back from one

Loving… being in control

Have taken the tag from Kohl Eyed me. Hope she doesn’t mind !!!


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